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The education sector is a sector that from its own characteristics (size of the organizations, availability of financial resources for management activities such as labor, economical, systems, marketing and communication, purchasing and quality) and even its own regulations, requires specific experts and generalists.


We develop, with our own methodology, the circumstances that surround the reality of each school or school project. Based on this analysis, whose scope is determined by a general consensus, we develop a proposal for inclusion in the project that will determine the form of participation therein by CEYS:


  • Participating Centers
  • Operating Centers
  • Managed Centers


We also have a large team of experts and partners that allow us to perform specialized advice in different areas of business management and operations involving various corporate entities:


  • Technical advice, for buyer or seller, on operations of M&A.
  • Analysis and valuation of education centers.
  • Advice on implementation of quality and management in systems based on the models EFQM and ISO.
  • Development and implementation of the strategic plan in the education center.
  • Development and implementation of the marketing plan in the education center.
  • Advice on the development and implementation of educational with British curriculum.
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