Mission, Vision and Values


The objective of Consultora de Educación y Sistemas is to lend corporate services to the companies comprising the Group in specific areas: Education and Organization, Planning and Management Control, Economical-Financing, Human Resources, Marketing and Communications, Purchasing and Operations, Quality and Systems; within a framework of counseling, joint collaboration and consensus that CEYS proposes and develops strategies, defines policies, dictates procedures and designs brand specific actions. It also develops a range of services to invested companies, in areas defined within the scope set out in each contractual framework.



Consultora de Educación y Sistemas, as a benchmark of quality in Spanish education sector, aims to grow and consolidate forming a global group which reunites prestigious private and subsidized schools, training centers and other business units related to the sector. It also seeks to develop its corporate areas to become a role model for development and innovation.



Consultora de Educación y Sistemas is characterized by:

1. Its dynamic and innovative nature, used in order to be at the forefront in the development of appropriate systems to manage schools and advise on the implementation of the latest methodological trends in our centers.

2. Their commitment to quality through the implementation and development of management systems aimed at continuous improvement and consistent with internationally accepted models.

3. Plurality, defined as the value of accepting any form of thought, belief or life development, provided it is collected in the Spanish legal system.

4. Developing a policy to ensure equal employment opportunity without regard to race, sex, creed and ideology.

5. Developing employment policies to combine family life and career.

6. The development of Educational Projects of quality and high recognition.

7. Its social commitment by developing solidarity projects in various group companies.

8. Responsibility towards the environment, developing policies to preserve the natural environment and the promotion of attitudes in various group companies.


The promotion and development among its employees of the following competencies: customer focus, teamwork, flexibility, effort and rigor for a job well done, updating of skills and an orientation towards results.

CEYS | Mission, Vision and Values
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