A Solid Project, an Integral Project

With Consultora de Educación y Sistemas desarrollamos una propuesta integral de gestión del centro educativo, en todas sus áreas, abarcando la variedad de ámbitos que recoge nuestra participación en los diferentes proyectos educativos.

The school's complex reality requires experts to ensure a thorough understanding of the realities and sensitivities of the sector. You can't just use the work of any professional, because an environment as specialized and technical such as the education sector, in which the management of a comprehensive regulation at both the level of the project itself as well as employment, economical... this demands a specialized knowledge that is confined only to this sector.

Our extensive experience in managing prestigious schools and participation in different projects in different ways: acquisitions, start-ups, organizational development ... have allowed us to deploy a series of management practices and systems, perfectly applicable to any project.


We know different realities and conform to the needs of our clients by setting a specific valued proposal tailored to each case.

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